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Lars Beusker

b. 1973 / Germany


Lars Beusker was born in Germany in 1973. At the age of 15 he discovered his love for black and white photography. After graduating from high school, he first worked as a photo assistant for four years and then studied photography and design with Prof. Gottfried Jäger as well as Prof. Gerd Fleischmann from Germany.

He worked as a fashion photographer and ran his own design office based in Stromberg/Westf. Since 2013, Beusker has been working on various freelance projects, always in black and white, in addition to his commissioned work. In 2017 he opened his first gallery in a Bauhaus pavilion made of wood and glass built for this purpose.

Fascinated by a first trip to Africa, it is not surprising that wildlife photography captivated him the most. The closeness to wild animals, the tranquility of untouched nature, and the people in these habitats continue to fascinate him – he travels to the wilderness as often as he can, capturing unique moments in black and white, as beautiful as portraits of wild animals have rarely been seen. In 2018, this work is becoming his new trademark after he hung up fashion photography.

In September, Lars was officially awarded as the Nature Photographer of the Year at the International Photography Awards 2022 in New York. And also in 2023 he was able to convince the 80-strong jury of the IPA and was awarded as the best wildlife photographer in the world for the second time in a row. 

In 2023, the photographer’s first monograph was also published in collaboration with the renowned teNeues publishing house.

Numerous media have already reported on him and his work internationally, meaning that Lars Beusker and his unique photographic art are no longer an insider tip. His works are unique, internationally award-winning and strictly limited – and that is precisely why Lars Beusker’s career is far from over.

This is Lars Beusker