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Lars Beusker

b. 1973 / Germany

Available Artwork

Edition of 10

As a photo artist, the limitation of each motif is essential, not least because this type of art is still sometimes not considered as such. Due to the fact that the photographer can theoretically produce an infinite number of copies of a motif, many people doubt the exclusivity of photo art. 
Lars images are always published in an edition of 10. Each motif that the artist publishes is only available 10 times worldwide, without artist prints or similar edition-expanding copies. Each image is numbered, personally signed by Lars and finally handed over to the customer together with a certificate of authenticity.

Desired Sizes

Not only the small edition size makes a Beusker image unique. In collaboration with the Werkladen in Cologne, the processing of the images is given the highest priority. Handmade black lacquered wooden frames, museum glass, Hahnemühle baryta paper, etc. 
Unlike other fine art photographers, Lars does not offer his motifs in different fixed sizes, each with separate editions. He always publishes his images in an exhibition size that he considers appropriate for the particular motif. Nevertheless, the size in which a customer would like to have a certain motif, is individually selectable – and is made to measure. However, in total it always remains with only 10 copies per motif.

If you like any of the images listed below, please feel free to contact us for a non-binding offer.